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All Fools Day

All Fools Day
The first of April, some do say,
Is set apart for All Fool’s Day.
But why the people call it so
Nor I nor they themselves do know.
Poor Robin’s Almanac, 1760

Who Was the First Fool?
Who started it? Did the first fools come from France, England, Sweden or India? The truth is lost in the mists of time.
Some blame it on the French when they adopted a new calendar in 546 that moved the New Year up from April 1st to January 1st. Those who did not get the word in time and continued to celebrate the New Year on April 1st became known as April Fools.
Others argue that the modern April Fools’ Day began in many parts of the world at the same time, in celebration of the spring equinox.
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Thanksgiving day

Thanksgiving day

One day is there of the series
Termed Thanksgiving day,
Celebrated part at table,
Part in memory.
E. Dickinson

Every year on the fourth Thursday in November, Americans celebrate a purely American holiday called Thanksgiving Day. This is a day for family reunions. American families meet for a special dinner, usually with turkey, cranberry sauce, pumpkin and pies. They give thanks to God for the past year, and remember the first harvest of the first English settlers of the Plymouth colony in 1621.
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Halloween — History, Customs, Traditions

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween

HALLOWEEN is a festival that takes place on October 31. Though it is not a public holiday, it is very dear to those who celebrate it, especially to children and teenagers. This day was originally called All Hallow’s Eve because it fell on the eve of All Saints Day. The name was later shortened to Halloween. According to old believe Halloween is the time, when the veil between the living and the dead is partially lifted, and witches, ghosts and other supernatural beings are about. Now children celebrate Halloween in unusual costumes and masks. It is a festival of merrymaking, superstitious spells, fortunetelling, traditional games and pranks. Halloween is a time for fun.
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