Ключи к упражнениям рабочей тетради 1, 2. Биболетова 10 класс

enjoy english 10
Ключи к упражнениям рабочей тетради № 1, 2. Биболетова 10 класс
Section 1

Ex. 2
1 Have you found out
2 ’ll tell
3 had
4 appeared
5 wrote
6 suggested
7 provided
8 was impressed
9 invited
10 ’s been learning

Ex. 4
1 Have you met everyone in the class?
2 Have you made friends with anyone in the class?
3 Have you chosen the subjects to focus on?
4 Have you been to the school greenhouse?
5 Have you collected the course books from the library?
6 Have you had lunch?
7 Have you found out about the most delicious dish in the school cafe?

Section 2
Ex. 1
a) uniform
b) boots
c) T-shirt
d) handsome (all the other adjectives can be used when we talk about clothes)

Ex. 5
brand name trendy jeans
to suppress individuality dress code compulsory subject school logo

Ex. 6
1 of 2 away 3 on 4 with, of

Ex. 7
say, remark, command, recommend, demand, emphasise, comment, advise, suggest, explain, warn

Ex. 8 (Answers may vary)
1 I had to leave for school a little bit earlier yesterday as the teacher warned / had warned us that we were writing / were going to write the end-of-term test that day.
2 I needed to buy some winter clothes and Judy recommended me to buy a beige coat as beige suited me perfectly.
3 I wanted to walk to the centre, but Tom suggested that we take a taxi / that we should take a taxi / taking a taxi.
4 Thomas ordered me to wear a smart suit and a tie for the ceremony, but I put on some casual jeans and a sweater. I just don’t like when people tell me what to do.
5 We wanted to drive straight through the city, but Allan warned us that we would get stuck in a traffic jam in the centre / warned us against driving through the center because of traffic jams. So, we didn’t.

Ex. 11
1c) 2f) 3e) 4d) 5b) 6a)

Ex. 12
1c) 2a) 3f) 4b) 5d) 6e)

Section 3
Ex. 1

to do

to play

to go

gymnastics baseball diving
judo tennis skiing
karate chess surfing
martial arts



Ex. 4
A1) B2) C1) D2) E1) F2) G1)

Ex. 8
1a) 2b) 3b) 4d) 5a) 6c) 7b) 8d) 9a)

Section 4
Ex. 1 (Most common collocations) jazz band, festival, music rock group, festival, ballet, music classical ballet, music folk festival, dance, music rap festival, group pop music, group, festival

Ex. 7
1 It was James who told me about the time of the meeting.
2 It was you who insisted on buying those tickets!
3 It was I who needed your help and support.
4 It was our neighbour who played the guitar so beautifully!

Ex. 11
I met her in the spring
When leaves smelled fresh and green,
The moon was very bright,
And stars lit up the night.

I’m looking at the screen
And can’t suppress a grin.
I know you’ll share my delight
As I’ve created a new sensational website!

Section 5
Ex. 1 (Answers may vary)
personal experience
to suppress a smile
mature journalist
to evoke memories
national identity
positive response
martial arts
information technology

Ex. 2
1 mature
2 suppress
3 response
4 identity
5 martial

Ex. 5
distraction — interruption
plain — undecorated
assignment — task
agenda — plan
dignity — pride
response — answer

Ex. 6
to suppress — to evoke
to distract — to focus
to waste — to save
indignant — happy
long-term — short-term
cute — ugly

Ex. 10
1b) 2b) 3c) 4b) 5c) 6a) 7d) 8c)

Section 1

Ex. 3
a) 1B 2A 3D 4E 5C
b) a monotonous job — We say so if the job we do is very boring and repetitive / you have to repeat one and the same action lots of times / it’s not creative at all.
a tiring day — We say so if we feel very tired physically or emotionally by the end of the day.

Ex. 4
1b) 2a) 3d) 4a) 5b) 6d) 7c) 8c) 9d) 10c)

Ex. 6 (Sample sentences)
It’s fascinating to travel and meet new people.
It’s awesome that you have so many friends in your new school.
It’s pretty silly to wear this dress to a school party.
It’s awful when people don’t listen to you.
It’s reasonable to take warm clothes with us.
It’s unbelievable that they quarrel about their computer.
It’s puzzling when a bright student gets very low grades for several tests.
It’s monotonous if you have to do one and the same job every day.
It’s original when people create homemade birthday cards for their friends.

Section 2
Ex. 1
1 from 2 with 3 on, up 4 with 5 with

Section 3
Ex. 1
embarrassing conversation — embarrassed person
fascinating journey — fascinated tourists
captivating voice — captivated audience

Ex. 2
1 brought
2 embarrassing
3 charming
4 fascinated
5 informed
6 scared
7 interested
8 bored

Ex. 6
1 afford
2 pastime
3 enables
4 residence
5 bonus
6 experience

Section 4
Ex. 1
to suppress a conflict — to provoke a row
a sincere laugh — a fake smile
to shout — to whisper
to cope with disagreements — to enlarge the gap
to look for a solution — to heat the conflict
to speak in a funny voice — to sound natural

Ex. 5 a)
1) having 6) to discuss
2) going 7) asking
3) repairing / being repaired 8) talking
4) to buy 9) to start
5) to get 10) getting fat

b) 1c) 2c) 3c) 4a) 5a) 6b) 7d) 8a) 9a) 10b)

Section 5
Ex. 1
a) 1d) 2f) 3b) 4c) 5a) 6e)

Ex. 6
1 awesome
2 ’d been
3 stunning
4 make
5 housewife
6 at least

Section 1

Ex. 1
1 artefact
2 discovery
3 evidence
4 horn
5 hemisphere
6 mammoth
7 archaeologist
8 area

Ex. 4
1b) 2d) 3a) 4f) 5c) 6e)

Section 2
Ex. 1 (Answers may vary)
in response to people’s needs intense drought, seasonal rains to ran out of water supply to affect people’s lifestyle, water supply to vanish instantly
to depend on seasonal rains, water supply, people’s needs, people’s lifestyle

Ex. 2
1 disasters
2 intense
3 in response to
4 civilisation
5 natural
6 desert

Section 3
1 Neil denied being at the party.
2 Alan admitted taking the key.
3 Helen felt like staying at home and reading something.
4 George pretended to be a foreigner in order to avoid talking with those people.
5 Having won a scholarship Jessica could afford to pay for the course.
6 Jenny didn’t mind putting off her birthday party for a while.

Ex. 6
1 sustains
2 collapsed
3 evolved
4 maintain
5 alter
6 accelerating

Ex. 7a)
1c) 2a) 3e) 4b) 5d)

Section 4
Ex. 1
to prevent the collapse of the society
to discover the traces of ancient civilisations
to investigate the mystery of the past
to do research on climate change
to survive through several natural disasters
to sustain people’s interest in history and culture
to rely on technology

Ex. 2
1 invent
2 discovered
3 ambition
4 solution
5 populated
6 technological
7 lessen
8 prevent

Ex. 5
1 archeology 9 artefact
2 civilisation 10 draught
3 evolution 11 disaster
4 invention 12 collapse
5 investigation 13 species
6 appliances 14 decade
7 challenge 15 device
8 acceleration 16 emission

Section 1

Ex. 4 (Answers can vary)

travelling for purpose travelling for pleasure
to learn a foreign language to relax on the beach
to gain some working experience overseas to practice hobbies like scuba diving or mountain climbing
to visit business partners to do some sightseeing
to take part in a research expedition to visit friends abroad
to participate in some international cultural


to escape daily routine for a while

Ex. 6
1 get used to
2 ’m used to
3 was used to
4 ’ll get used to

Ex. 7
1 ’ve been
2 does
3 started
4 went
5 had achieved
6 remember
7 have you ever experienced
8 worried
9 would ask
10 didn’t even seem
11 were very disappointed
12 was
13 ’ve been working /’ve worked

Section 2
Ex. 1 (Answers may vary)
challenging job, programme, course
exchange student, programme
overseas student
cultural shock
immersion course, programme
false assumption

Ex. 2 (Answers will vary)
1 …you should read about the local lifestyle beforehand.
2 …I wouldn’t miss it.
3 …I’ll improve my speaking and listening skills considerably.
4 .. .we would use English more often and would know it better.

Ex. 3 Sample suppositions:
1 Alexander might / could / may have forgotten to make the call.
2 Alexander may / might / could have understood the letter in some a wrong way because of his poor English.
3 The telephone line may / might / could have been busy at that time. Etc.
What actually happened: Time zones are different. Alexander called them at 14.00 Moscow time and it was only 4 am in Kansas City. No one was able to answer the call, and the answering machine was not on.

Ex. 6
1 Although Michael is very hot-tempered, he gets on well with everyone in the class.
2 In spite of severe weather / the weather, the people survived.
3 My uncle is a famous archaeologist as well as a famous writer.
4 Despite high season there were few people at the resort.
5 In addition to teaching college students Mr Adams did some research work.
6 Mark was accepted for that programme due to his excellent communication skills.

Section 3
Ex. 1a) (Answers may vary)
to shake hands
to sound friendly
to enjoy (the) conversation
unsociable behaviour
to behave inconsiderately
to appreciate the advice
irresponsible statement
blazing arguments
awful row

Ex. 2
1c) 2d) 3b) 4a) 5f) 6e)

Ex. 3 (Answers will vary)
1 Do you mind my opening the window?
2 Could I use you phone to make an urgent call?
3 Sorry, but could you be a bit quieter? We don’t hear each other actually.
4 Thank you very much for your help!
5 My pleasure. / Don’t mention it.

Section 4
Ex. 1
1c) 2a) 3d) 4b)

Ex. 6a)






inevitable unaware impossible




uncivilised immoral

Ex. 7
1c) 2a) 3c) 4d) 5a) 6b) 7b) 8d) 9d) 10b)

Ex. 8
1 forbidden
2 think
3 will enhance / enhances
4 speaking
5 be able
6 has been taken / was taken
7 found
8 will have broken / ’11 break
9 is

Ex. 9
About the environment
To keep snow white and water blue
We need to change assumption.
That everything belongs to us,
And to reduce consumption

About travelling
When travelling far by train or air
You should be culturally aware.
Good manners are appreciated,
Please, don’t make locals feel frustrated.

About life
Believe your luck, don’t mind some loss —
Enjoy the life immersion course!
All our happiness depends
On peace and love and lifelong friends.

Ключи к рабочей тетради № 2 “Контрольные работы”


Ex. 1А
a) 1
b) 1b) 2c) 3b) 4a) 5a) 6c)

Ex. 2A
1 was
2 was invited
3 had demonstrated
4 won
5 was snowboarding
6 recovered
7 had been doing


Part 1. Listening
1a) 2b) 3c) 4a) 5a) 6b)

Part II. Reading
1c) 2c) 3a) 4a) 5a) 6b)

Part III. Use of English
1 had
2 would spend
3 bought
4 didn’t take
5 was made
6 was taking out / took out / had taken out
7 give
8 Have you bought

Ex. 1A
b) 1b) 2d) 3b) 4a) 5c)

Ex. 2A
1d) 2a) 3f) 4b) 5c) 6g) 7e)

They will be displayed there in a couple of days.
All the seats are sold out.
It was broadcast by several local and national channels.
The tests haven’t been graded vet.
Remember, however, that it needs to be cleaned afterwards.
Everything was already arranged and all the invitations had been sent out.
The research was conducted by the university group, and they know all the ins and outs of the process.

Ex. 2B
The garbage hasn’t been taken away yet.
The flowers haven’t been watered yet.
A cake has already been bought.
The shirt has already been ironed.
The essay hasn’t been submitted yet.
The bike hasn’t been repaired yet.
The birthday party invitations haven’t been sent out yet.


Part I. Listening
1b) 2c) 3c) 4c) 5d) 6a)

Part II. Reading
1b) 2c) 3a) 4b) 5b) 6a)

Part III. Use of English
1 more important
2 renewable
3 people
4 efficiently
5 rewrite
6 mine
7 management
8 useful


Ex. 1A
a) 2

Ex. 2A
a) A
b) rises: increase, go up, rise, improve, sky-rocket, exceed, expand, grow, climb, double
falls: decrease, go down, fall, drop, decrease, decline

Ex. 2B (Answers will vary)
1 Oil prices are rising.
2 Food prices are going up.
3 Unemployment rate is going down.
4 The population is decreasing.
5 The average number of children per family is falling.


Part I. Listening
1b) 2a) 3a) 4b) 5c) 6b)

Part II. Reading
1F 2C 3D 4A 5G 6E

Part III. Use of English
1 stressful 5 optimistic
2 hardly 6 improvement
3 education / educational 7 written
4 scared 8 nervous

Ex. 1A
name: Jane Green
job: journalist
age: 26
costume: traditional white wedding dress
name: Andrew Smith
job: police officer
age: 26
costume: classical suit
where the celebration took place: garden
number of guests: about 20

Ex. 2A
1a) 2a) 3c) 4b) 5b) 6a)


Part 1. Listening
1c) 2b) 3d) 4c) 5a) 6b)

Part II. Reading
1c) 2b) 3b) 4a) 5c) 6a)

Part III. Use of English
1b) 2c) 3a) 4c) 5d) 6a) 7a) 8d)


Ex. 1A (Answers will vary)
Id) 2f) 3a) 4g) 5b) 6e) 7c)

Ex. 2A

I’m sure about it

It’s possible, but I’m not sure

He must have forgotten about the meetine. Thev must have discovered the local pub. He must have seen a lot!

You must have paid a fortune for it!

I can have left it at the hairdresser’s. Jack mav be studving in his room. She might have seen the murderer. He may return any minute.


Part I. Listening
1a) 2b) 3c) 4b) 5a) 6b)

Part II. Reading
1B 2A 3G 4E 5F 6C

Part III. Use of English
1 scientific 5 communication
2 ambitious 6 dramatically
3 technological 7 really
4 scientists 8 fantastic

Ex. 1A
a) periodic table — a table of elements arranged according to their atomic structure
electric bulb — a bulb that produces light from electricity; the wire inside it is heated to a very high temperature by electrical resistance
mobile telephone — electronic device that sends and receives radio signals
laser technology — technology based on the emission light radiation; the light is emitted in a narrow beam alternative energy — energy that is produced in some environment friendly manner and doesn’t imply carbon dioxide emission

Ex. 2A
1B 2A 3C

Part I. Listening
1b) 2b) 3a) 4c) 5a) 6c)

Part II. Reading
la) 2d) 3b) 4c) 5a) 6b)

Part III. Use of English
1 used
2 has increased
3 have fallen
4 businessmen
5 means
6 is emitted
7 is deteriorating
8 flying


Ex. 1A a)
1 Marshal Art Fighters Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday — 7-10
2 “Crazy Buskers” Saturdays and Sundays — 15-18
3 Smart Home Wednesday, Saturday 5-7 pm, 2-4 pm teenagers/13-19

Part I. Listening
1a) 2b) 3a) 4b) 5a) 6c)

Part II. Reading
1F 2C 3D 4G 5A 6E

Part III. Use of English
1 correctly 5 occupation
2 philosopher 6 Australian
3 photography 7 stunning
4 professional 8 impressive


Ex. 1A
1C 2F 3D 4E 5G 6A

Ex. 2A
2 made up with
3 put up with
4 keep up with
5 make up for

Part 1. Listening
1 a) 2c) 3a) 4d) 5b) 6b)

Part II. Reading
1B 2G 3C 4D 5A 6F

Part III. Use of English
1 promotion 5 unskilled
2 easily 6 astonished
3 economical 7 European
4 cheaper 8 adventurer