Олимпиада по английскому языку для 8 класса

олимпиада по английскому
Олимпиада по английскому языку для 8 класса с ответами. Аудирование, чтение, грамматика, письмо. Критерии оценки.


Task I. Read the text and tick the statements below as T (true), F (false) or NS (not stated in the text).

British Film

British film has always been in the shadow of Hollywood. That’s its biggest problem. Britain doesn’t produce many films today, but when it does, they are normally quite good.
In the 20s and 30s British film followed Hollywood. They copied and they didn’t do a very good job, they were imitating something which was unnatural for them. Britons aren’t Americans, and they didn’t actually make very much success.

But then during the war and just after the war British cinema found its own identity, especially with documentary films. And a film like “Diary for Timothy”, of which you may have heard, a very famous film, it’s just the diary of a small baby called Timothy, born on the last day of the war, the 9th of May. A documentary film has never before made me cry, but I did when I saw this film. And that was an amazing thing for me to see it and made me very interested in cinema.
A Scottish film director Bill Forsyth has made many shorter films which are very funny and interesting. “Gregory’s Girl” which some of your students saw 2 years ago. And “Local Hero”. You couldn’t see these films, it’s a shame, but if you ever get a chance, I recommend them, there can be a festival or something.
But the problem today as in all arts in Britain is finance. It’s very expensive to make a film. And the government doesn’t sponsor film-making; there’s the British Film Institute but they make very few films a year. And the problem is, there are a lot of film-workers, very enthusiastic, a lot of ideas, workshops and groups ready to make films, but they haven’t got any money. And it’s a big shame.
But now, with the new technology of video, there’s a great revival among young film-makers because they have a medium with video, it’s very cheap and they can make a film with very few people in workshops. I’ve made several films like this.

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