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Useful Tips for a First Time Air Passenger. Биболетова 9 класс

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Биболетова 9 класс, Unit 2, Section 2, p. 79 — 83, ex. 57, 58, 59, 61, 64.
Useful Tips for a First Time Air Passenger — Полезные советы для тех, кто летит на самолете в первый раз

Ex. 57 Read the instructions on how to act at the airport. Point out any information that is useful to you. — Прочитайте инструкцию о том, как действовать в аэропорту. Укажите любую информацию, которая будет полезна для вас.

1. Get to the airport at least two hours before takeoff.
2. When you are at the airport, ask an airport official where you can get a customs declaration form. Fill it in. Write in printed letters. If you have currency, Russian money, jewellery, or antiques, you should write them down here.
3. Go to the check-in desk.
4. At the check-in desk, your ticket is checked and your luggage is weighed and registered. If it is overweight, you will have to pay an excess baggage charge. (Different companies allow from 20 to 25 kilos.)
5. Then you have to go through customs where your bags can be opened and checked. You can keep hand luggage with you, but the heavy luggage is taken to the baggage cabin.
6. When the airport official makes sure that everything is all right with your ticket and with your luggage weight, you are given a boarding pass. The number of your seat is printed on it.
7. The next step is passport control where your passport is checked.
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The Sultan who loved to eat

Sultan who loved to eat
Once there was a sultan who loved to eat. He ate three or four times a day. One after another, he ate yoghurt soup and potatoes with yoghurt, and meat with yoghurt, and fruit with yoghurt.
His dining-room was beautiful. There were large mirrors, thick carpets and expensive furniture in it. Music was played. Birds sang in their cages.
Every day, the sultan looked in the mirror. He smiled when he saw how fat and round he was.
“I am sure I’m the fattest, the roundest sultan in the world,” he thought.
One day the sultan found that it was very difficult for him to walk: his body was too heavy. He couldn’t wear his beautiful clothes: they were too small.
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What happens after school? Биболетова 11 класс

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Биболетова 11 класс, Unit 2, Section 2, p. 54 — 57, ex. 31, 32, 33, 34, 38-39, 40, 42, 43.
What happens after school? — Что происходит после школы?

Ex. 31 Listen to the people speaking about higher education and match the speakers with the statements. Whose opinion do you share? – Послушайте людей, говорящих об их высшем образовании и сопоставьте говорящего с утверждением. Чье мнение вы разделяете?

1. Higher education should become cheaper. — Speaker 3 — Высшее образование должно стать дешевле.
2. You should save money so you can pay for higher education later. — Speaker 1 — Вы должны копить деньги, чтобы вы могли платить за высшее образование позже.
3. The internet provides an alternative to universities. — Speaker 3 — Интернет предоставляет альтернативу университетов.
4. Education should be free for everybody. – Speaker 2 — Образование должно быть бесплатным для всех.
5. Higher education shouldn’t be free for all. — Speaker 1 — Высшее образование не должно быть бесплатным для всех.
6. Educated people are more useful to the country in general. – Speaker 2 — Образованные люди более полезны для страны в целом.
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Amazing animal world

Lady Bird

Lady Bird

No one knows exactly how many animals live on our planet. So far, scientists have described more than a million kinds of animals, they have identified about 850,000 insects alone. There are about 21,700 kinds of fishes, 9,700 kinds of birds, 6,000 kinds of reptiles, 3,200 kinds of amphibians, and 4,000 kinds of mammals.
Insects are the largest group of animals on earth. They outnumber all other sorts of animals by almost four to one. They can live in the harshest climates, eat whatever there is, and adapt quickly to any conditions. They are often called “the most successful branch of animal kingdom”.
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Christopher the Contrary Chameleon

Christopher Contrary Chameleon

Christopher the Contrary Chameleon

Christopher the Contrary Chameleon
Young Christopher Chameleon
was very, very small;
A scant three inches, nose to tail,
and less than one inch tall.
Now all chameleon children
who do as they are told,
Must learn to match their background,
and are never, never bold.
But Christopher Chameleon
in a most contrary way,
Refused to change his colour
and just stayed pink all day.
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Supernatural Creatures

Supernatural Creatures

Supernatural Creatures

Our ancestors believed that forests, meadows, mountains, rivers, marshes and moors all had strange inhabitants which sometimes showed themselves to humans, with good or evil results. The barrier between those supernatural creatures and human beings is particularly thin at nights and on very special occasions such as Halloween.
Try to guess the names of the creatures described below.
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Anecdotes and jokes about famous people

Arthur Rubenstein

Arthur Rubenstein

Imagination was given to man
to compensate him for what he is not;
a sense of humour to console him for what, he is.
So keep smiling.

After a concert, Arthur Rubenstein was approached by a woman who was dragging a nine-year-old boy. “Please, Mr Rubenstein,” she said, “I want you to hear my son play the piano.” “Madam,” the pianist said, “I’m very busy. I don’t have time to hear every child play the piano.”
But the mother persisted until Rubenstein finally agreed to an audition the next day. The little boy, his legs barely touching the pedals, played a Chopin waltz. When it was over, Rubenstein said, “That is undoubtedly the worst playing I’ve ever heard.”
The mother nodded and said to her son, “You see? So now will you give up your piano lessons and try out for Little League?”
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